• Sometimes people are unsure about what volunteering might involve or whether it is suited to them, so we hope that this will help answer some of your questions.

    Through my volunteering work I was keen to help make a difference in others’ lives. I had no idea it would actually make a difference to mine!

    Just some of the roles…

    • Counselling 
    • Parent Mentoring

    Whatever your reasons, volunteering is a great way of meeting new people, building your confidence, improving your CV with new skills, assisting you to gain a qualification and really making a difference.

    There is also plenty of evidence to suggest that volunteering helps improve your health, boost your career options and makes you happier!


    For more information please contact headoffice@parentingproject.org.uk



  • Who would make a good volunteer?

    Anyone could be a good volunteer as we all have different experiences and skills to share, and we all have something we are good at! Volunteering is something that everyone can do.

    We are looking for people who:

    • Qualified and experienced Counsellors
    • Counselling Placement Students
    • Are any age over 18, male or female
    • Are able to be committed to a role, be available at the agreed times and meet requirements of their role
    • Have experience of being a parent and/or would enjoy working with parents, carers and children
    • Are able to follow guidelines on confidentiality and child protection
    • Would be willing to do a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and provide two names for a reference
    • Have a non-judgemental attitude and do not discriminate against others
    • Are open, friendly and honest