Parenting In Mind

  • Families with children 5- 19 years

    Parenting Project is an established charity in Stratford district for over 10 years with eight children centres and now a service for families with children aged 5-19 for families living, working or studying within Stratford Town.
  • Our project believes in a commitment to identifying  problems early, reducing the severity of a problem and more importantly preventing the problem happening in the first place whenever possible.

    We’re able to draw on our knowledge and expertise of working with lots of different children, young people and families in lots of different ways.

    Doing so means we can offer seamless support, helping to achieve the best outcomes for all children and young people.

    Who we can help ?

    Any family who live, work or study within the bounds of Stratford Upon Avon town as defined by the Stratford  town trust. To check your eligibility please enter your postcode into the post code checker 

  • What we can help with

    • Over 5s services 
    • Families at risk of breakdown and or separation

    • Children or Young Person experiencing  difficulties at school

    • Families rebuilding their lives  after fleeing domestic violence

    • Understanding and managing children's/ young people's behaviour

    • Families rebuilding their lives after substance misuse

    • Referrals  to appropriate services