• Parenting Project are thrilled to be a part of an exciting new initiative, Advent of Change

  • Advent of Change will be raising funds and awareness for 24 charities across a number of causes including the third world, children, animals, the elderly, refugees, the environment and mental health.

    How will we do it? 

    Advent calendars can be bought at John Lewis stores or online via John Lewis or Advent of Change website 

    Each charity will get their own ‘window’ on the advent calendar, and within that window will be their logo and a description of what the donation is contributing towards as well as a web-link.

    The Advent of Change calendar costs £27.95, 85% of the proceeds going directly to the charities – £1 going to each charity per calendar

  • Advent of Change

    The advent calendar that gives the gift of giving
  • How does it work? 

    Behind each of the windows is a donation to a different charity, with a description of what that donation has provided.

    This could be:

    • A net to protect a family in the third world from Malaria.
    • A blanket for a refugee child living in a cold camp.
    • A phone-call with a counsellor for someone with suicidal thoughts.
    • A hot meal for a homeless person.
    • A Lego Therapy session for a primary aged child, who is experiencing difficulties in home or school
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